Why Talk To Us.

The answer is simple -- we listen to our clients. Our firm structure and business model allow us to adapt to the needs of each client and each matter. We fully exploit the advantages technology provides to work as efficiently as possible to achieve our client's goals.

Fees and Expenses.

Alternative billing and fee arrangements are explored with every client and many expenses that are billed to the client at other firms are treated as overhead. For example, we do not charge clients for our use of our normal Lexis legal research service, nor do we charge for sending or receiving faxes, telephone charges or using the office photocopier.


We have the resources we need to handle nearly every matter that presents itself. If we learn that we need a resource that we do not have, we go out and get it.

Client Service.

Clients deal with the lawyer they hired. Every client has Mr. Olsen’s mobile number and his email address and can reach him, with very few exceptions, 24 hours a day every day. If additional lawyers are needed to assist on a matter, they are available and will be engaged with client consultation and participation.


Montclair is less than 7 miles away from the federal and state courts in Newark, NJ and the federal and state courts in downtown Manhattan are easily accessible by public transportation. The Garden State Parkway and NJ Routes 3, 46 and 21 are also close by, as is US Route 80. Newark Liberty International Airport and Newark Penn Station are also convenient.

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